ALA Council II

Monday, January 23, 2017, 10:00am-12:00noon
Georgia World Congress Center
Reports of Officers
– To amend 2015 ALA Strategic Directions by adding a
4th Strategic Direction: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,
James (Jim) G. Neal, ALA President-Elect,
The Council voted to support the addition to of the 4th Strategic

Reports of ALA/Council Committees
– Tellers Report on the ALA Director Search Committee
Council Election, ALA Councilor Bill Sudduth, Chair,
Mario Gonzalez- Councilor at Large and Amy Lappin- NH Chapter Council were elected.

– Constitution and Bylaws Committee
James R. Rettig, Chair, ALA CD#25
Bylaws changes were nominal and all approved.

Reports of ALA/Council Committees
– International Relations Committee
Luis Herrera
Luis discussed the IFLA conference in Columbus, OH about its success.

– ALA Council Resolutions Committee
ALA Councilor Ed Sanchez, Chair,
Ed presented a report on how the committee has created a flow chart to help Council members migrate through the resolution process.

Reports of Special Committees/Groups
– Freedom to Read Foundation Report
Martin L. Garnar, FTRF President

New Business:
– Resolution on the Education Requirements for Future ALA 15 Mins
Executive Directors, Peter Hepburn, ALA Executive Board
Member, ALA CD#14-14.1
The resolution focuses on amending to say ALA accredited master degree in library science is strongly preferred but not required.  A strong debate occurred. The vote for the amendment failed 75 (Yes) 78 (No).  It was an amazing demonstration in positive, respectful debate.

– Resolution Protecting Families and Caregivers ALA Councilors
Christian Zabriskie, Lauren Comito, & Ed Garcia, ALA CD#31
This resolution focuses on ensuring that committee members who are faced with family issues are not asked to resign from positions.  Again there was a robust debate.  The resolution passed but will also be forwarded to the Policy Committee to determine where it will appear in the Policy Manual.

– ALA Annual Conference Remodel Discussion,
Mary W. Ghikas, ALA Sr. Assoc. Executive Director, ALA CD#40
Mary shared why the remodel has occurred.  It was a response to regular members who have expressed concern about the expansive campus of Annual and the difficulty of members who are not affiliated with a committee to submit a program for conference.  There will be further discussion at ALA Annual conference in Chicago.
The full conference remodel FAQ is attached CD#40

Keith Michael Fiels shared that the attendance for Atlanta was over 8700.


ALA Council I and Town Hall

Sunday, January 22, 2017, 8:30am-9:30am
Georgia World Congress Center
Thomas Murphy Ballroom 3-4
The Executive Director of ALA will be retiring in August 2017 so a search committee has been created.  Courtney shared the process and in addition to the leadership of ALA there is an opportunity for the Divisions and Roundtables to have a person on the search team.  Council voted on two additional people from Council to serve on the search term.
The biggest conversation element of the search process was whether to require that the in-coming Executive Director have an MLS or make it preferred.

Another item that is creating quite a buzz at conference in Atlanta is a recommendation coming to Council about ALA Annual Conference 2018 in New Orleans.  Clara Bohrer is leading a committee focused on conference reorganization.  The goal is to reduce the footprint of Annual Conference, create a one stop place for program proposal submission and focusing the conference programs to the middle part of the 5 days.
Council will be debating the recommendations at Council II

We finished the Council session with a vote on bestowing an ALA Honorary Membership Nomination to Ann Simons.

Following Council I we had a facilitated discussion focused on ALA memberships concerns as it relates to the new administration.
The Town Hall session was live streamed through the ALA’s Facebook page.


ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information

Saturday January 21, 2017

At every ALA Midwinter and Annual Conference there is an opportunity for members to attend an informational session to understand what work is occurring at ALA.
In addition to updates from the President and Executive Board, several reports are shared that focus on budget and planning.  Members have an opportunity as well to ask questions and make recommendations for work to the Council.

President-elect Jim Neal presented his focus for his year including an emphasis on the new strategic direction Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
There were no additional requests from the membership unlike last year where membership prepared and submitted a couple of resolutions for Council to consider.