ALA Council I

Sunday February 11, 2018
The agenda was not very full as most resolutions are still being worked on and will appear in Council II or III.
Two areas of interest for this meeting are:
Reports of ALA/Council Committees (cont.)
– ALA Scholarships and Study Grants Committee 10 Mins
Sarah LeMire, Chair- a new fellowship was introduced in honor of Lois Ann Gregory Woods for her historic 50 year tenure with ALA.  This is a fellowship for mid level library workers to become involved in governance at ALA.
It was passed unanimously.  As the final information is provided I will post it to Kanlib in the event people want to apply for the fellowship.

– ALA Membership Committee Report on ALA Personal Dues 15 Mins
Adjustment, Janet T. O’Keefe, Acting Chair,
A resolution came to the floor and was passed to include in the Spring ballot an increase in dues between $3-$5 to better respond to the increase strategic initiatives that ALA has adopted.  This will be a one year increase and like previous fees plans will follow the Consumer Price Index for subsequent years.

This will appear on the March ballot for membership to consider.


Final Thoughts on ALA Chicago

We had several good deliberative discussions in Council and rather than moving work onto committees or learning more during Council Forum, we made decisions on two resolutions.

1. A Resolution on Global Climate Change and a Call to Support Libraries and Librarians providing opportunities for Council to raise concerns that information and data that was previously available for researchers on the EPA website had been removed. It was a very interesting debate which illuminated very different philosophies on how people work/feel today.

2. The 2nd Resolution was on indicating that Libraries are Responsible Spaces. The debate again highlighted that college campuses already create “safe spaces” for students but public libraries can not guarantee that their spaces will or can be assumed to be responsible or safe spaces. Obviously public libraries would like to always be as safe as reasonable but by the nature of the open environment, they can not guarantee that people will not be subjected to perspectives they don’t agree with. The public librarians contended that Customer Conduct Policies are often in place to address behaviors.

Finally, I am always struck with how most Councilors can have different views on topics and still be professional and encouraging of good debate.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to serve.


ALA Council III- Chicago

ALA Council III focused on Memorials and Tributes. It was a light agenda and we did not having any resolutions to discuss. Susan Hildreth discussed the Budget ceiling for the 2018 year and Pam Klipsch discussed any issues that came up in the year with the Intellectual Freedom Committee. The meeting adjourned early and then Council went to listen to the Closing Session Speaker Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Presiding: Julie B. Todaro, ALA President
Assisting: James (Jim) G. Neal, ALA President-Elect
Secretary of Council: Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director
Parliamentarian: Eli Mina
**Time Allowance
Order of Business
• Call to Order:
– Introductions and Announcements
Julie B. Todaro, ALA President

– Establishing the Quorum, (75 Councilors constitute a quorum)
Julie B. Todaro, ALA President

– Agenda Review
Julie B. Todaro, ALA President, ALA CD#8.7_62617_7:30pm_ACT

(New Items May be Introduced Here)
• Memorials, Tributes and Testimonials:
Julie B. Todaro, ALA President

Eric Moon, M-#10
Marija C. Sanderling, M-#11
Robert Henry ‘Bob’ Rohlf, M-#12
Dorothy Evans, M-#13
Joy L. Lowe, M-#14
Pauline Manaka (oral acknowledgement)
Amanda Rudd (oral acknowledgement)

Harry Bruce, T-#2
Keith Michael Fiels, T-#3
20th Anniversary of Victory in the
Communications Decency Act (CDA) Case, T-#4

• Reports of Officers:
– -ALA Treasurer’s Report
Approval of the Annual Estimates of Income & FY2018 Budgetary Ceiling
for FY2018, Susan H. Hildreth, ALA CD#13.3

– Committee on Legislation,
Ann Dutton Ewbank, Chair, ALA CD#20.1

• Reports of ALA/Council Committees:

– Intellectual Freedom Committee,
Pamela R. Klipsch, ALA CD#19.11-CD#19.13

• New Business

• Announcements:
Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director and ALA Secretary of Council

22,172 attendees