2011 ALA Council II

2011 ALA San Diego

Council II

Report from the Policy Monitoring Committee


Changed some language in policies.

These changes addressed issues that needed more current wording or clarified wording to match recent changes from resolutions.

I voted for them and they all passed.

Report from the Committee on Committee

First action item was to change the name of the GLBT Round Table from Transgendered to Transgender.

I voted for this and it passed.

Section Action item was to add an ex officio member the chair of the ASCLA Accessibility Assembly to the Web Advisory Committee.

I voted for this and it passed.

Third item was to discontinue the ALA-AAP joint committee in favor of a more workable system of maintaining an important ongoing inter-association


This is just making the current practice official.

I voted for this and it passed.

Report from the Freedom to Read Foundation.

Report from Traditional Cultural Expression known TCE Task Force

Report from task force on Equitable Access to Electronic Content

Report on Audited Financial Statements
The audit is the best you can get and there is no management letter necessary.

Expenses are down more than the decrease in revenue which is a good place for the budget.

The programatic budget priorities are:

Equitable Access to Information and Library Services
Education and Lifelong Learning
Intellectual Freedom
Advocacy for Libraries and the Profession
Organizational Excellence
Transforming Libraries

I voted for this and it passed.

We voted for an honorary membership to ALA for Yohannes Gebregeorgis.

Resolution on notifying members of Do not patronize lists.

We received legal advice from ALA Legal counsel.

Resolved that the ALA directs the Executive Director, to the extent known at the initial announcement of conference registration an dprior to the conference

taking place, will inform attendees of conferences and exhibitions if a hotel is on the “Do not patronize” list of the local labor body during an ALA event,

or is the object of a boycott because of the unfair labor practices of the hotel.


ALA include information on finding “Do not Patronize” information in registration packets or other registration information.

Motion to postpone.

I voted to postpone and it passed.


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