2013 chicago Council II

Council II

July 1, 2013


I had a short commitment and arrived slightly late to Council.

Report from committee on Organization

Resolved, that Council approves retiring the current Committee Information update form, to be replaced by a semi=annual report by each ALA committee and each Council committee that, as appropriate, addresses:

1 accomplishments
2 Planned activities
3 Issues that affect the committee’s work to the ALA strategic plan
4 Relationship of the comittee’s work to theALA strategic plan
5 Current level of committee members’ involvement (more substantive than an attendance roll)
6 Committee seolf-check on its value and viability (update charge, discontinue commmittee,. consolidate with another, change structure, other observations )
7 Other issues of each committee’s own devising

I voted for this and it passed.

Report from Policy Monitoring Committee

Several items were presented that placed new policies under appropriate headings. These do not establish or change policy but merely place them in the manual.

These items all passed.

Report from Constitution and bylaws committee

Resolution to approve application of LIANZA as an affiliate association.

I voted for this and it passed.

Report from International Relations Committee

Report from Freedom to Read Foundation

You can read the report from FTRF on their web FTRF.org

We recognized retiring councilors and executive board members.

Resolution on Prayer in ALA Meetings

Resolved that the ALA

The ALA as a secular institution in a country that is increasingly diverse religiously, refrains from having public prayers during its meetings. Moments of silence may be observed during meetings.

I voted for this resolution because it does provide a policy for the organization leadership to use when needed. I did pass by a slim margin.

Resolution in Support of Whistleblower Bradley Manning

Resolved, that ALA recognizes Bradley Manning as a whistleblower who fulfilled his duty to report war crimes under US law and the Geneva conventions.

Motion to refer to Committee on Legislation and IFC

I voted to refer and it passed.

REsolution on Library Service to the Community in a Disaster

Acknowledges that many libraries across the country have provided library and emergency services in disasters including storms, fires, earthquakes and floods and applauds those actions;
recognizes the significant contributions of libraries and library staff who have provided effective emergency response/recovery services, and responded to the needs of their communities following hurricanes Sandy andIrene in ways that go above and beyond the regular call of duty;
Sends a letter acknowledging the work and contributions of libraries and library staff to the State Chapters in the affected states to be passed on to the appropriate parties and ensure that such a letter is sent whenever libraries lead community recovery.
I voted for it and it passed.

Resolution on Divestment of holdings in fossil fuel companies


Begin divesting in the fossil fuel industry by excluding our three holdings in the “Filthy Fifteen” names in the Endowment Trustees’ Information report to BARC that have “little or no significant negative impact” in the short term on ALA.

I voted against this and it failed.

Motion to Move CD#39 to be reconsidered and referred to the Intellectual Freedom Committee and Committee on Legislation. this is the resolution on Edward Snowdon.


Attendance as of Sunday 20,330 better than last year.

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