2014 Council II Philadelphia

2014 Council II

Programmatic Priorities were voted on

Equitable access to information and LibraryServices
Education and Lifelong Learning
Intellectual Freedom
Advocacy for libraries and the profession
Organizational Excellence
Transforming libraries

I voted for this and it passed.

Policy Monitoring Committee reported.

Placed policy regarding prayer and moments of silence in the policy manual as previously acted by Council.

I voted for this and it passed.

Freedom to Read Foundation Report

FTRF is pursuing action on the Mexican American studies class in New Mexico.
The case is pending appeal.

Resolution to Improve Members Access to ALA unit Governing Information
This covered timing and organization of minutes and actions from committees, etc.

I voted for this and it passed.

Resolution on Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Resolved, that the American Library Association ALA recognizes Edward Snowden, as a whistleblower who, in realizing information that documents the mass surveillance programs of the National Security Agency, has performed a valuable service in launching a dialogue about transparency, government surveillance, and over-classification.

I voted against this and it it failed.

Resolution to allow programs at ALA Midwinter Meetings

Resolved that ALA should:

Change policy A.7.4.11 to allow for programs designed for continuing education and development in the fields of library service.
It was moved to refer this to BARC

I voted for this referral and it passed.

Move that the Committee on Legislation report out at the 2014 Annual Conference on ALA 2013 CD #49 Resolution on Digitization of US Government Documents, which was referred to
COL at the 2013 Annual Conference.

I voted for this and it passed.

Honorary Membership Nominations

Patricia Neal Schumann was voted an honorary member of ALA.

Announcements: registrations stand as 12,189

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