2014 Philadelphia Council I

2014 Council I


Regular opening business.

Nominations were presented for Executive Board elections

Peter Hepburn
Gail Schlachter
Gina Persichini
Aaron Dobbs
Alexandra Rivera
Make Marlin

Elections will be held at this conference.

Keith Michael Fiels reviewed Executive Board actions since the last council meeting.

Keith Michael Fiels reviewed actions since the last council meeting.

Report from Digital Content and Libraries Working Group

All of the big 5 publishing houses are now selling ebooks to libraries. The working group along with ALA leadership have met several times with the players in this issue and are making significant progress.

Resolution on Electronic Communications for ALA Council

We are having wifi problems. I will send this resolution when I can access it.

The intent of this is to revise the guidelines for staff and council about access to council documents.

I voted for this and it passed.

Resolution to Improve Member Access to ALA unit Governing Information

The intent of this resolution is to improve access to things like committee reports, etc.

This was postponed until council II


Registration 11,854 this is more than Seattle and Dallas at this point in the conference.

Adjourned for today.

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