ALA Conference Council I

I want to share with you what happened during the Council Sessions for ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco

President Courtney Young welcomed all at the first Council session.

Sari Feldman, Chair of the 2014-2015 Committee on Committees (and ALA President-Elect), presented the nominations for the 2015-2016 Council Committee on Committees election.  Four councilors are to be elected for one-year terms from the following candidates: Edward L. Sanchez, Gladys Smiley Bell, Min Chou, Maria Carpenter, Stephen L. Matthews, Cristina Dominguez Ramierez, Ellen Hunter Ruffin, and Rocco A. Staino.

Sari presented the nominations for the 2015-2016 Planning and Budget Assembly Election.  Three Chapter Councilors and three Councilors-at-Large are to be elected from the following candidates: Chapter – Ben Allen Hunter, Sherry Machones, Kris Seerengan, and Patricia (Patty) M. Wong, Jason Hatton, Jennifer A. Alvino; At-Large – Mary Biblo, John C. DeSantis, Denice C. Adkins, Eric D. Suess.

Barbara K. Stripling, immediate Past President of ALA, moved for approval the Strategic Directions Document.  This document will replace the ALA 2015 plan and represents two years of work. It reflects the synthesis of conversations at all levels of the organization and in all areas of the country.  The mission remains unchanged.  Key action areas are advocacy for libraries and the profession; diversity; education adn lifelong learning; equitable access to information and library services; intellectual freedom; literacy; organizational excellence; and transforming libraries. Goals and strategies to support ALA’s directions are also included in the document.

Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries
the focus is on sustainability as well as survivability of libraries,

  1. there are three elements focused on recognizing the role libraries play with wider community conversations about resiliency, climate change and a sustainable future.
  2. enthusiastically encourage activities by… to be proactive in their application of sustainable thinking in the areas of their facilities, operations, policy, technology and library school curricula.
  3. direct the ALA Executive Director to pursue sustainable choices when planning conferences.

Council passed the resolution

Resolution denouncing the systemic racism that motivated the SC shooting
The resolution was amended to change language to be more inclusive of the other racial violence, but to include the example of Charleston to demonstrate the significance of the violence.
Council passed the amended resolution

Resolution on the destruction of libraries affected in the Gaza and Israel
There was significant discussion about the narrowness of this resolution and the research sources used to create the resolution.
After about 30 minutes of debate the resolution failed.

Resolution on mass denouncing the mass survelence of American People
this resolution was referred to the committee on legislation after significant discussion related to the US Freedom Act it was felt that the Council needed to have COL review it and make a recommendation.

Keith Michael Fiels announced that total registration currently stands at 22,363.
If you are interested in reading and reviewing the ALA documents, please go to ALA Connect and follow this link, and click on the files.


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