ALA Council final thoughts

There are three main topics that emerged from this series of ALA Council sessions that I would be interested in discussing or hearing thoughts about from Kansas librarians.

  • How do we encourage all libraries and library associations in the country to embrace the Libraries Transform national initiative from ALA.  This initiative will be a multi-year theme which is different than the ALA President initiatives.  if you want to learn more about Libraries Transform go to
  • Resolution on Gun Violence Affecting Libraries, Library Workers,
    and Library Patrons.ALA CD#45_62516_ACT
  • Resolution Concerning the Role of Chapters in the American
    Library Association, Councilors Jayne Beline and
    Cynthia Czesak, ALA CD#40_Revised 62416_ACT

Each of these items could have impact on individual libraries or librarians.  Please feel free to reach out to me on the blog or through my email.


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