ALA Council I

At 8:30 am Sara Feldman called the meeting to order to begin Council I.
President Feldman recognized the guests which included the 3 President-elect nominees Christine Lynn Hage, Jim Neal, and Lisa Hinchliffe.  Additionally she recognized special guests which included Kelly Fann, Kansas Library Association President.  Yeah.

Included in the agenda was a presentation of the Executive Board nominees for ALA.

Ann Crewdson
John C. DeSantis
Karen E. Downing
Vicki Morris Emery
Andrew K. Pace
Kimberly Anne Patton (KCKS Public Library)

elections are January 11th after our Council II session so I will post tomorrow who has been elected.  The Executive Board helps staff with more strategic decision making on the business of ALA.
Council I had one resolution-RESOLUTION AGAINST ISLAMOPHOBIA.  The resolution was passed. To read the complete resolution please go to ALA Connect on the ALA website.

We meet again Monday morning at 10:00 am



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