ALA Council II

Monday, January 23, 2017, 10:00am-12:00noon
Georgia World Congress Center
Reports of Officers
– To amend 2015 ALA Strategic Directions by adding a
4th Strategic Direction: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,
James (Jim) G. Neal, ALA President-Elect,
The Council voted to support the addition to of the 4th Strategic

Reports of ALA/Council Committees
– Tellers Report on the ALA Director Search Committee
Council Election, ALA Councilor Bill Sudduth, Chair,
Mario Gonzalez- Councilor at Large and Amy Lappin- NH Chapter Council were elected.

– Constitution and Bylaws Committee
James R. Rettig, Chair, ALA CD#25
Bylaws changes were nominal and all approved.

Reports of ALA/Council Committees
– International Relations Committee
Luis Herrera
Luis discussed the IFLA conference in Columbus, OH about its success.

– ALA Council Resolutions Committee
ALA Councilor Ed Sanchez, Chair,
Ed presented a report on how the committee has created a flow chart to help Council members migrate through the resolution process.

Reports of Special Committees/Groups
– Freedom to Read Foundation Report
Martin L. Garnar, FTRF President

New Business:
– Resolution on the Education Requirements for Future ALA 15 Mins
Executive Directors, Peter Hepburn, ALA Executive Board
Member, ALA CD#14-14.1
The resolution focuses on amending to say ALA accredited master degree in library science is strongly preferred but not required.  A strong debate occurred. The vote for the amendment failed 75 (Yes) 78 (No).  It was an amazing demonstration in positive, respectful debate.

– Resolution Protecting Families and Caregivers ALA Councilors
Christian Zabriskie, Lauren Comito, & Ed Garcia, ALA CD#31
This resolution focuses on ensuring that committee members who are faced with family issues are not asked to resign from positions.  Again there was a robust debate.  The resolution passed but will also be forwarded to the Policy Committee to determine where it will appear in the Policy Manual.

– ALA Annual Conference Remodel Discussion,
Mary W. Ghikas, ALA Sr. Assoc. Executive Director, ALA CD#40
Mary shared why the remodel has occurred.  It was a response to regular members who have expressed concern about the expansive campus of Annual and the difficulty of members who are not affiliated with a committee to submit a program for conference.  There will be further discussion at ALA Annual conference in Chicago.
The full conference remodel FAQ is attached CD#40

Keith Michael Fiels shared that the attendance for Atlanta was over 8700.


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