ALA Council II- June 27, 2016

Presiding: Sari Feldman, ALA President
Assisting: Julie B. Todaro, ALA President-Elect
Secretary of Council: Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director
Parliamentarian: Eli Mina

This session was a more informational business.  Councilor were updated on some changes requested from ALA committees and we received updates on the work of a couple of special committees.  We had a couple of new resolutions to consider

Reports of ALA/Council Committees
Policy Monitoring Committee, Vicky Crone, Chair, ALA CD#17.1

Committee on Organization (COO)
Sue Considine, Chair, ALA CD#27.1
Passed the changes of to the chapter relations committee officers to encourage a ratio of members to have more chapter councilors.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
James (Jim) R. Rettig, Chair, ALA CD#25.1
Passed the item that indicated that a councilor must be a member of ALA and also that a member can only run for one office at a time.

International Relations Committee (IRC)
Leslie B. Burger, Chair, ALA CD#18.1-ALA CD#18.2
This is a change that recommends changes to the UN regarding the Digital platforms

Freedom to Read Foundation 10 Mins.
Julius C. Jefferson, Jr., President, ALA CD#22.1

Conference Accessibility Task Force, Mike Marlin and
Christopher J. Corrigan co-chairs, ALA CD#37

Resolution Concerning the Role of Chapters in the American Library 10 Mins.
Association, ALA CD#40_Revised, Revised, 62616_10:00pm_ACT,
Councilors Jayne Beline and Cynthia Czesak
Referred to a working group which will be appointed by Julie Todaro.- I have asked to serve on this committee as I feel it has an impact on our chapter

Resolution on Equity for All School Libraries, Diane R. Chen, 10 Mins.
ALA CD#47_62616¬_ACT, AASL Division Councilor and
Sara Kelly Johns, Executive Board Member
Referred to Committee on Legislation

Resolution on Equity for School Libraries for the DOE Making Rules 10 Mins
For ESSA, CD#48_62616¬_ACT, Diane R. Chen, AASL Division
Councilor and Sara Kelly Johns, Executive Board Member
. Referred to COL

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