ALA Council II- New Orleans

June 25, 2018
8:30 am
ALA Treasurer’s Report- Susan Hildreth
The Council approved the Annual Estimates of Income for FY19.
The biggest discussion focused on a better understanding of assets.  We have traditionally as a Council approving a budget ceiling but not approve a budget.  This is the purview of Executive Board.  In order to move to a more modern membership ALA and the Executive Board recommends investment over the next 3 years on Information Technology, Development and Advocacy.  This will require an infusion of additional funds to move these investments forward.
This is the most significant change as it impacts ALA’s bottom line and also impacts how we modernize our association,

I am attaching the Treasurer’s report that contains more detailed information.

Reports of ALA/Council Committees

Report of the Tellers on the COC and PBA Election Results.
ALA Councilor Vivian Bordeaux, Chair, ALA CD#12.3
COC- Committee on committees helps with identification and selection of ALA members for committees.  PBA is the Planning and Budget Assembly.

Committee on Diversity (COD)
ALA Councilor Martin Garnar, ALA CD#14.1

Policy Monitoring Committee (PMC)
ALA Councilor Christopher J. Corrigan, ALA CD#17.1

Committee on Organization (COO)
Sue Considine, Chair, ALA CD#27.1

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Jim Rettig, Chair, ALA CD#25.1

International Relations Committee (IRC)
Leslie B. Burger, Chair, ALA CD#18.1

Budget Analysis and Review Committee, Rhea Lawson, Chair
ALA CD#33.2_62418

If you are interested in reading any of the reports from the above committees they are available at All Council documents are/will also available on the Council webpage at:


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