ALA Council II- Seattle

Council II was a combination of new business with two new resolutions and also a discussion regarding the ALA Headquarters and the plan to sell the current property and a 30 minute small group discussion on Organizational Effectiveness•

Policy Monitoring Committee 10 Mins
Gladys Smiley Bell, Chair, ALA CD#17_act
Committee on Organization, Shali Zhang, Chair, 10 Mins
International Relations Committee 10 Mins
Robin Kear, Chair, ALA CD#18_inf
Committee on Accreditation, Loretta Parham, Chair, 10 Mins
ALA CD#36_act and 36.1

– Freedom to Read Foundation Report 10 Mins
Charles Brownstein, FTRF President, ALA CD#22_inf

RESOLUTION-on Eliminating Monetary Library Fines as a Form of Social Inequity, Peter Hepburn ALA CD#38-act (revised 1/27)- There was a significant amount of debate on this resolution due to impact and decision making authority at the national or local level.  The resolution had also been revised several times to move away from some slightly inaccurate information to a focus on urging libraries to do away with fees.  I spoke on this resolution as it isn’t simply a revenue focused issue but also a collection development issue.  I chose to vote against this resolution because this is a decision that should be made at a local library level.  The resolution passed 108-59.

RESOLUTION-in support of Civil Rights Protections for People of Diverse Gender Identities, Ann K. Symons ALA CD#41-act
There was good support for this resolution and it passed overwhelmingly.

Susan Hildreth gave an update on the plan to sell the ALA Headquarters building in downtown Chicago due to the fact that it doesn’t meet our needs, has significant infrastructure issues in terms of technology and is also in prime and expensive property areas of Chicago.  The plan is to rent property that better meets the ALA staff’s needs.

• DISCUSSION: Organizational Effectiveness-
We reviewed the documents that the Executive Board discussed related to what type of organization do we want for ALA into the future.  Our focus was on what would ALA Council look like in a new organizational plan.

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