ALA Council III

Tuesday June 26, 2018
7:45 am
The 3rd Council session of ALA traditionally begins its work with recognition of Memorials and Tributes
Herbert Biblo, M-#7
Heather Lanier, M-#8
John Byrum, M-#9
Mary Lynette Larsgaard, M-#10
Bernard (Bernie) A. Margolis, M-#11
deg farrelly, M-#12
Krista McKenzie, M-#13
Stephanie Squicciarini, M-#14

50th ALA Anniversary of Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, T-#4- Lois Ann will be greatly missed as she has been the glue that keeps ALA and the Council moving forward and has made a significant impact on all the successes of ALA.  If you have been a Councilor you know how integral Lois-Ann has been
A Tribute Resolution Honoring Pat May Upon her Retirement, T-#5
A Tribute Resolution Thanking Don Wood For His Service to ALA and ALA
Chapters, T-#6
Kent Oliver, chair of the Committee on Legislation presented an overview on the work of COL.  He shared that on Monday, the House Subcommittee presented its budget which includes level funding for LSTA and IAL.
He the following resolution
Resolution to Reunite Detained Migrant Children with their Parents

The resolution was approved.

Intellectual Freedom Committee- Helen Ruth Adams, chair
Helen shared a report on the work of IFC.  She shared ALA’s “Choose Privacy Week” website unveiled a new look and a new URL this month. “Choose Privacy Every Day” (

New Business:

Resolution on Gender Inclusive Bathrooms at ALA Conferences
and Meetings, Councilors: Ann K. Symons; Matthew Ciszek;
Sherry Machones; Ana Elisa de Campos Salles; Peter Hepburn;
Erica Findley; Ed Garcia; Louis Muñoz, Jr; Jessica Schomberg;
Melissa Cardenas-Dow; Oscar Baeza; Amy Lappin;
and Martin Garnar, ALA CD#42
There was significant concern because even though we had planned for several gender inclusive bathrooms at ALA they were not close to the major parts of the conference.  Due to several bad experiences related to bathrooms at the Convention Center a resolution was brought to Council III.
There was a lively debate about this and a couple of amendments included to insure everyone was comfortable with the resolution.

The resolution was approved.
If you would like to read the language of the resolutions or the reports shared, please find them at the Council webpage at:


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