Council I and II

  • There were three resolutions on the agenda
    Resolution the Destruction of Libraries and Schools in Gaza in 2014
    Resolution of ALA of Divestment of Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola.
    Resolution Encouraging Directors to have their Trustees join ALA and the United for Libraries organizations.
  • After an interesting discussion of each resolution each Councilor who brought the resolution to the floor determined they would either rework the resolution and present it at another meeting or was referred back to a committee focused on the their topic.
  • The Divestment resolution was referred to the Endowment to determine if the funds could be decoupled from the other funds.
  • Al Kagan, Councilor asked to pull the current resolution regarding the Destruction of Libraries and Schools in Gaza until additional information could be provided and based on comments that it was too narrow.  It will come to the Council III on Tuesday morning.
  • We also reviewed the slate of Executive Board candidates
    • Gladys Smiley Bell
      John C. DeSantis
      Aaron W. Dobbs
      Julius C. Jefferson, Jr.
      Bernard A. Margolis
      Mike L. Marlin
      John C. Sandstrom
    • Ballots for the elections were available until 6:00 pm for all Council Members to vote.  The results will be presented at Council III

Meetings were adjourned on time.


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