Council I- New Orleans

Sunday, June 24th
8:30 am
Council I traditionally is a meeting of reports from ALA committees so there is often little new business to discuss.  At our meeting this time, in addition to reports we took an hour to discussion Organizational Effectiveness in a facilitated discussion lead by Maureen Sullivan.

Reports of ALA/Council Committee
Resolutions committee- Ed Sanchez shared changes recommended to improve the process for submitting resolutions.
Online appointments during conference
E-form process
The goal is to create a more seamless way for members and councilors to effect policy changes.
An action item was presented from the Resolution committee recommending that all resolutions regardless of budgetary implications be presented to Council for a vote.  In the past a resolution would be sent directly to the Budget Committee (BARC) before coming to council.  The consensus was that this created a barrier to Council hearing about all resolutions and also that it created work for BARC which Council may not want to have happen.
Council approved the resolution

Nominations for 2018-2019 Council Committee on Committees
Loida Garcia-Febo provided a slate of committee members for consideration which Council would vote by ballot on at the end of the meeting.

Nominations for the 2018-2019 Planning and Budget Assembly Election
Loida Garcia-Febo, President elect, presented a slate of nominees for consideration that Council will vote by ballot on at the end of the meeting.

New Business
Resolution to Honor African Americans Who Fought Library Segregation
CD#41- over 50 councilors spoke at the microphones in support of the resolution
this resolution passed unanimously.

Organization Effectiveness Discussion
Maureen Sullivan- facilitator
1.What one thing do you think to do to improve its effectiveness?
If the ALA did not exist today, what would we build or create today?
We had a great discussion on dreaming about a better ALA.  Please be looking for an opportunity to share your thoughts in the next couple of weeks.  This is the time where you can include your voice.  If we want to make our organization more effective it does require more voices.
Some comments included more nimble, more virtual opportunities, focus on local rather than national.


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