Council III

Council III traditionally has the most work to be done.

Shereen Marx
Kuang-Hwei (Janet) Lee-Smeltzer
Richard C. Fyffe
Billy Charles Beal
Allene Farmer Hayes
Lida Waddle

Barvara Blosveren

  • Reports
    Kent Slade shared the election results for the Executive Board
    Karen Downing, University of Michigan
    John DeSantis, Dartmouth College
    Andrew Pace, OCLC
    ALA Council Documents:
    · Report of the Tellers, ALA CD#11.2 (information)
    · Committee on Professional Ethics Report, ALA CD#14 (information)
    · Intellectual Freedom Committee Report, ALA CD#19-19.2 (action)
    · Committee on Legislation Report, ALA CD20-20.2 (action)
  • Resolutions
    · Resolution Concerning Accessibility of ALA Conferences and Meetings for People with Disabilities, ALA CD#31_Rev_11116_act, 3:00pm (action)
    There was good discussion of the need to have a task force that is focused on ensuring that all people have access to all meetings and conference sessions.  The resolution was passed
  • Resolution on Replacing the Library of Congress Subject Heading Illegal Aliens with Undocumented Immigrants.
    There was good discussion in support of the changing the subject heading.  It was felt that the turn “alien” was hurtful and separated people.  The resolution was passed
  • · Resolution Supporting the 2015 Advocacy Implementation Plan, ALA CD#35­_11116_act (action)
    There was good discussion about how to get all divisions, roundtables and state chapters all speaking from one voice. The resolution passed.

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