Council III- Tuesday morning

There was a reading of the Memorials and all the members stood for a moment of silence.  Roger Greer was included in this memorial and it was nice to see the lovely recognition.

Additionally the following items were on the Council III agenda
ALA CD#8.2, ALA Council II Agenda (action)
ALA CD#17, Policy Monitoring Committee Report (action)
ALA CD#22, Freedom to Read Foundation Report (Information)
ALA CD#25, Constitution and Bylaws Committee Report (action)
ALA CD#27, Committee on Organization Report (action)
ALA CD#32, Resolution on the Destruction of Libraries & Schools in Gaza in 2014 (action)
ALA CD#34, Resolution on ALA Divestment from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, &Motorola Solutions (action)
ALA CD#35, Resolution Encouraging Library Directors to Join Their Trustees to ALA & United for Libraries (action)

  • Election results for Executive Board were presented:
    • Loida A. Garcia-Febo, Julius C. Jefferson, Jr. and Mike Marlin
  • Resolution on the Destruction of Libraries and  Schools in Gaza in 2014, Councilors Jane Glasby and Al Kagan, ALA CD#32  (Failed)

  • Resolution on the Divestment from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, & Motorola was referred back to committee to determine if there was any possible way to separate individual company from the investment funds.
  •  Resolution Urging Library Directors to Encourage and Support United for Libraries Memberships for Each of Their Trustees, Councilors Susan Schmidt

    and Emily Bergman, ALA CD#35, Revised, 2215 (Passed)

  • After some additional comments from Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director, Courtney Young, ALA President adjourned the Council

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