Final Thoughts on ALA Chicago

We had several good deliberative discussions in Council and rather than moving work onto committees or learning more during Council Forum, we made decisions on two resolutions.

1. A Resolution on Global Climate Change and a Call to Support Libraries and Librarians providing opportunities for Council to raise concerns that information and data that was previously available for researchers on the EPA website had been removed. It was a very interesting debate which illuminated very different philosophies on how people work/feel today.

2. The 2nd Resolution was on indicating that Libraries are Responsible Spaces. The debate again highlighted that college campuses already create “safe spaces” for students but public libraries can not guarantee that their spaces will or can be assumed to be responsible or safe spaces. Obviously public libraries would like to always be as safe as reasonable but by the nature of the open environment, they can not guarantee that people will not be subjected to perspectives they don’t agree with. The public librarians contended that Customer Conduct Policies are often in place to address behaviors.

Finally, I am always struck with how most Councilors can have different views on topics and still be professional and encouraging of good debate.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to serve.


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